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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fraud allegations against Amisha Patel

Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel’s uncle Nalin Patel has registered a police complaint against her. It relates to a property dispute between them, about a flat in the posh Prabhat Road area in Pune. Nalin claims that Ameesha tresspassed, took valuable articles and fled from the flat. The Pune Police are checking out the issue. The police say they’ve been asking the actress to record her statement, but that she hasn’t done this yet.

However, she has sent a letter through her lawyer, saying that she owns a share in the flat.
According to Nalin, his servant at the flat told him that a lady had come in, given him some cash, taken a lot of items from the house, loaded them in a vehicle and left. He says he found out later that it was Ameesha. He added that she was not answering his calls, also exposing that she’d claimed ownership of the house and asked for the house keys a few months ago.

Ameesha’s lawyer says that the actress’s uncle is making the allegations to damage her popularity. She herself has been mum about it all so far.

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