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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Imran Khan looks up to Salman

Bollywood actor Imran Khan’s open admiration for his peer Ranbir Kapoor and his respect for the talent of senior actors, is a refreshing change. When Imran is told that he is considered to be the only other celeb besides Ranbir who has the potential to be the mega actors of tomorrow, he says, “It is flattering. As an actor, I like him a lot. He is a better actor than me. He is a cool guy. I like him. We can hang out, we can talk about movies.
When you say that these guys are supposed to be the next big things, it is a very scary thought.It is not about competition.” Very confident statements from someone in a profession that breeds insecurity. From the older lot, he likes his uncle Aamir and Salman Khan. He says, “Aamir and Salman are actors that I really like to watch. Aamir maamu is the best actor in the country. Despite being such a big star he can drop all the stardom and play a character.
There is also Salman Khan whose stardom is his USP. Guys look at him and say ‘He is a cool guy I want to be like him’. He has got the actor power.”

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