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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Irrfan Khan's Role as villain of Spiderman befuddling for his fans

Irrfan Khan's Role as villain of Spiderman befuddling for his fans: Regarding an extraordinary fitness of his mastery in diverse roles, Irfan Khan has been offered a role as a villain in the following Spiderman motion picture. Though it is a breakthrough for the globe crowd, his fans in India and abroad are in a jumbling state if he might as well have affirmed quite a role or not.

So far Irrfan is concerned, it is a lottery for him, he had a dream to have this role in a movie and in fact it is a good news even for the Hollywood world. Irrfan deserved it and he got it, his fans shall realize that his selection itself is a victory for them.

As per the input of oneindia entertainment , Irrfan’s character Van Atter will get transformed into Proto Goblin in the film. Actress Annie Parisse is likely to play the role of his wife.

Khan says that these movies keep on adding new elements to the franchise and that’s what excites him. Khan claims to have watched all the Spiderman movies and read the comics too. He adds that each new film puts new angle and new challenges thus exploiting the characters while maintaining the credibility.

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