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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kangana Ranaut stuck in New York city

Kangana Ranaut is apparently in deep difficulty in New York because of the weather! The 20-feet deep snow has halted the routine.Says a source on the sets, “It’s been snowing regularly and seriously in NY Cfor the last three days and shooting has come to a total standstill. Sunny has shot for the routine.Kangna had to shoot for a car scene in Manhattan but now because of the snow the shooting had to stop.The police didn’t allow anybody from the unit to drive in the snow. It’s risky to drive in snow so the unit had to do Kangana’s shots in the taxi.”Apparently, non-shooting of the film has stressed the directors Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru’ s finances.

“The directors are very troubled. Kangna loves the snow as it reminds her of Manali but she’s very tense and concerned too.They want her to extend her stay to make-up for the days that had been cancelled but she can’t as Kangana has to be in Scotland for crucial work.She doesn’t have dates till mid next year as she’s shooting for Dhamaal 2, Rascals and then this movie again.”Presently, Kangna is whiling away her time staying put in her hotel. “Not too long ago when she stepped out with her manager to watch Little Fockers at a theatre close by she got stuck in a crazy snow storm on her way back to the hotel, around 9.30 pm.

Her car got stuck. Fortunately, because of some nice New Yorkers, the car was pushed out of the deep snow.Kangna, together with 4 girls and another guy, pushed it out. Everybody is stressed and having meetings every day to figure out what their next step will be.”

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