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Monday, December 13, 2010

Kiran Rao to make a movie on Rakhi Sawant

After her very first film Dhobi Ghat was well received by festival audiences, Kiran Rao, whom critics now call a sensitive filmmaker but not a very commercial one, has chose to take on the world of reality shows that are the subject of conversation everywhere by making a movie on such shows. If Peepli Live produced by Aamir Khan challenged the news tv channels, this film will take on reality TV. The story is a hard hitting one on the lives of the contestants and participants of these shows before and after the shows take place.
The movie is more about the interpersonal associations between the participants on these shows and their emotions that are often compromised with. One can recall how a contestant on Rakhi Swant’s show threatened committing suicide allegedly after Rakhi called him impotent on the show. Sources close to the filmmaker tell us that it is a takeoff from that incident which has sparked off a massive controversy.Judging by the way Rakhi Sawant is, one will not be amazed if the actress agrees to play herself in the movie as the judge of the reality show inside the movie.

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