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Friday, December 24, 2010

Saif Ali Khan holding up for Kareena Kapoor to declare yes to marriage

Saif Ali Khan holding up for Kareena Kapoor to declare yes to marriageSaif Ali Khan holding up for Kareena Kapoor to declare yes to marriage: cThere has been enough discussion about Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s marriage! We have heard lots of statement from both of them but none of them have given real indication about the time they would tie the knot.

Saif has already taken the marriage vows once and is happy with two kids from his former wife Amrita Singh. So, it seems there is no hurry from his side and Kareena is also at the peak of her career and is only 30 now. The hottest couple of Bollywood does not seem to be interested in tying the knot at this moment considering their career is going great.

However, Saif is quite intelligent and shifted the question towards Kareena, saying that he is ready to take the vows once Kareena is comfortable and happy with it. The couple has been dating since last three years and the question has been haunting them since then. Saif once made it clear that Bebo is not required to convert herself before getting married to him, so there is no problem in this aspect. She has also reached a comfort level with his two kids and family, so no barrier there too.

So, why is Kareena taking time to say yes to ‘chote nawab’? She has given enough to Bollywood and can easily continue her journey in the industry even after turning ‘choti begum’, considering the fact that Saif’s mother and sister are actresses themselves.

Saif says that he will remain committed the same way even if he is not married to Kareena but we think the lady should come out with a serious decision very soon. In 2009, Bebo was quoted saying that she would get married by 2012 and would like to have two kids. We hope she sticks to her decision!

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