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Friday, December 10, 2010

Salman Khan Says about Mallika Sherawat

Salman Khan Says about Mallika Sherawat: Mallika Sherawat is hot and sexy, and she is also candid. Therefore, the Bollywood bombshell does not shy away from speaking her mind out. She wrote on her Twitter page that 'Salman Khan is a pussycat', Shahrukh Khan is 'king of charisma' and Hrithik Roshan is 'Talent plus beauty! Lethal'.
When she was asked by her followers on her micro blogging site as to who her favourite Khan from the film industry was, Mallika Sherawat did not waste a minute before replying. And why should she waste time, as she has only three options to choose from, Aamir, Shahrukh or Salman. However, none of the Bollywood biggies have been able to win the heart of Mallika darling. So is it Saif Ali Khan or the rising star Imran Khan.

You may keep guessing but never will you be able to arrive at the correct name! Well, Mallika Sherawat’s favourite Khan from Bollywood is Malaika Arora Khan! Now, who would have expected this answer? We are well aware of how the ladies in Bollywood always remain at daggers drawn towards each other, and we are also aware that both Mallika and Malaika vie for the number one item girl tag of the Hindi film industry. But that definitely is not reason enough for Mallika Sherawat to stop praising Malaika Arora Khan.

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