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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Salman Khan spent 3 days on a tree

A simple scene for the film’ Ready’ turned out to be a nightmare for lead actors Asin and Salman Khan. The scene involved Asin lost in a jungle and scampering up a tree with Khan following suit. The tree was pretty massive and Asin decided to climb the tree herself.

Though everybody found it dangerous and unsafe, but finally every person agreed and a harness was attached and she was lowered on to the tree. Salman Khan followed the suit, but to their horror the shoot went on for 3 long days.

There were numerous distractions and Asin’s shoulders went numb because of the pressure from the harness. But, Asin is excited as it was her childhood fantasy to climb a tree. So, finally her dreams came true but with a serious cost.

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