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Monday, December 13, 2010

Sonam’s comment upset Kangana

Kangna Ranaut has reacted to Sonam’s remark on the show that she needs to brush up her English language skills. “I can also things like that but I don’t know what is best for Sonam, I don’t understand what she should be doing with her life because I don’t think about her life.It is very kind of her to think about me, but actually I don’t require her guidance,” she told HT City in reaction to Sonam’s comments.
Considering that Sonam is more recent in the business than her, does she think it was right for her to make the statement?”Firstly, Sonam is not junior to me. She is 85 born and I am 87 born.”Remind her that Sonam debuted a year after her in 2007, and Kangna says, “No, I am much more younger to her. I came into the industry when I was 17. She has always been here and has got good advice. I don’t think she needed to be mean to me, she must have said it in the heat of the moment.”

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