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Monday, December 6, 2010

Yana Gupta show off her Black Lingerie on facebook

Yana Gupta show off her Black Lingerie on facebook: A facebook user who goes by the name the Purple Punk Prince has created a Facebook Page titled Black Lingerie for Yana Gupta. The idea is to send lingerie to Yana Gupta to ‘cover her up and preserve her chastity’.We managed to track down the Purple Punk Prince and asked for his views. Says the Purple Punk Prince via email, “Yana Gupta went panty less and even admitted that she didn’t wear panties because they would get stuck in her ass, making it uncomfortable for her. She is a talented, intelligent, hot and sexy woman. We understand that it was an error of judgement on her part. She just shot off the hip and ended into further trouble with the law. The entire controversy has created a negative image around Yana Gupta with some calling her publicity crazy and even terming the entire episode a publicity stunt. She has to now appear in a court in Lucknow which has issued summons against her. All this was unnecessary.

After Yana Gupta’s no panty pics which were the talk of the town for almost a week, making her the most searched Bollywood personality on Google, an apparently fake Yana Gupta sex hard core porn video is now doing the rounds on the net. Yana Gupta seems to be the flavour of the month.

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