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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Katrina Kaif's spendid crotchetiness

Katrina Kaif's spendid crotchetiness: It appears as if Katrina Kaif adores her sleep in excess of her life, factually! Katrina, who had slept while not fastening her seat belt, supposedly screamed at an airhostess for making her wake up.
An observer conveyed to the Mid-Day that Katrina was on flight for her endorsement for Tees Maar Khan and she'd slept, and forgot to make her seat standing, or fastening her
seat belt. Prior to take-off the flight stewardess called her name two times and attempted to wake her, however the actress was in profound sleep and didn't wake up, so she quietly pat on the actress' uncovered shoulder and appealed her to fasten her seat belt.

Much to the flight stewardess shock, Kat begins shouting at her for tapping her! As per the observer, "She shouted at her that 'How dare you touch me? Don't you know who I am?'" The puzzled flight stewardess allegedly makes an apology to Katrina as other travelers looked on. Subsequent to that Kat just dozed off to sleep as if nothing happened.

Though, as per a source near to the actress shorn of the reports and informed the tabloid that people are building up these unintelligent tales! Katrina might have dozed off as she was travelling to diverse cities in a few days so she was worn out.

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