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Monday, January 3, 2011

Vidya Balan: I reveled in trying an agamic individual

Now that her forthcoming film No One Killed Jessica is due to release, Vidya Balan is all set to sit back and await the audience’s reaction to her deglam role. Having played characters with depth (Ishqiya and Paa), this role gives Vidya a chance to display her histrionics without any fancy costumes or looks.

The actress says, “I really enjoyed playing an asexual person. I have worn the most uninteresting clothes and my make-up was done in minimum time. I normally take more time to dress up in my personal life than the time I took to get ready to play this character. It was a joy ride as my hairdresser would just tie my hair in a ponytail, the make-up guy would do the base… and I would be ready. In a way, the look helped me because as soon as I put on those oversized, shapeless clothes, I felt that it was not me; it took me into Sabrina, who was a very regular girl confronted with a life-altering moment.”

Vidya is now looking forward to The Dirty Picture. but admits, “I don’t know how I will prepare myself but I know (director) Milan Luthria knows how to present me in that role.

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