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Friday, December 3, 2010

Comments Yana Gupta Videos: Yana Gupta chuckled off on pantyless

Yana Gupta Videos: Yana Gupta chuckled off on pantyless: Yana Gupta who was recently photographed without underwear at an NGO event. Pantyless picture is hit on the net although the Gupta is neither shocked nor embarrassed over the incident rather she laughed off the wardrobe malfunction suggestive of that she will now be called the “no-panty girl”.She laughed off and said that “I used to be known as an item girl. Now I will be known as a no-panty girl; I should do an ad for some underwear brand with a tag line saying: ‘I’ve got them NOW’”.She was explaining why she was not wearing underwear as she determined to do away with panties, as it kept getting stuck in her ass though practising dance moves for a television show. Thus, she packed up her things in the morning itself with the intention that she could leave for the charity event directly from the dance floor, since she had no time to go home.

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