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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do not call me bubbly: Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta has always had a girl-next door, bubby image but now after nearly ten years in the industry, she desires people to look past her cute image.Superlatives like bubby have been added to her name ever since she came into the industry but now she wishes people to appreciate her for her acting and other skills besides being bubbly.“I have been called bubbly from the time I stepped into Bollywood. It’s high time people look beyond that one facet of my character.Like the decision of my films, I am also multi-dimensional.
No one wants to have one dimension to their identity so why me? Today even films are being made in three dimensional format! It was okay to call me bubbly when I was 19 but now I have a lot more feelings like calm, furious, intense, happy and angry,” she asserts.Her bubbly image aside, Zinta is still reeling under the impact of her recent trip to London. The actress says that she had an amazing time at Oxford Union where she was invited to interact with the students.Preity Zinta also loved London for its quaint buildings and the structures that carry an old world charm. “London is so beautiful. Every time I come back from there I miss that place terribly.
When I reached Oxford I almost felt like I was in Hogwarts from Harry Potter!” she ends.

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