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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vivek gives cold shoulder to Akshay

Vivek Oberoi’s cousin Akshay Oberoi makes his B-Town debut with Rajshri Productions. The usually voluble Vivek has been strangely silent on the debut of his first cousin’s film. A source close to Akshay spills the beans, “Akshay is Suresh Oberoi’s younger brother, Krishn’s son. The brothers never got along and the two families share cold vibes. Which was not a issue as Krishn, a businessman, lived in the US and moved to Mumbai only a several years ago.”
Though no one knows why things soured between the brothers, it is obvious that the Oberoi parivaar, who’ve been part of B-Town for decades, haven’t offered any sort of help one of their own. Vivek hasn’t even acknowledged the ‘brotherhood.’Akshay didn’t get any help from his cousin even when he first came from US and was doing the rounds of producer’s offices.
A word from Vivek or Oberoi Sr would’ve opened many doors for him. Adds a family friend, “VO’s refusal to acknowledge Akshay disturbed the newcomer deeply but he chooses not to bring up the link. He is all the more determined to make it on his own.”

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