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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Genelia D’Souza wants additional payment

Actress Genelia D’Souza positive understands how to make hay while the sun shines! And why not! When the going is good, why not make the most of it in this unclear industry. Apparently, during the shooting of her South flick Orange, with Ram Charan Tej and Genelia, the actress demanded a whopping sum for a few extra days of work.

According to a unit member, the shooting of the film was over, but the director realised that a few additional shots were needed. The makers asked Genelia to spend a couple of days for the extra shots. She relented but on one condition – that she be paid an exorbitant sum each day.Our source said, “Despite all this, the movie sank like the Titanic without a trace.

The filmmaker’s efforts did not bring them the expected results. And although the filmmakers were left high and dry at the box office, Genelia was happy all the way to the bank.”

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