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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dolly Bindra fights with Khali

Bigg Boss 4 has reached its last countdown days and with only about several days left, the house has nearly become a spot of wild nerve racking doldrums hit area. The four inmates are in constant action these final few days as the task set in by Bigg Boss has them dancing to specific songs allotted by Bigg Boss to make the inmates enjoy the last few days of this sensational reality show.

With Dolly Bindra having her arguments with nearly everybody in the house the only person left was Khali The Great. Khali was the only person Dolly Bindra could connect to in the house and she called him Veerji (big brother). However, things soured between the two ever since Dolly found out that Khali had hidden some ginger for Shweta Tiwari, since she loved ginger tea.

This was something that Dolly Bindra could not digest. So, all for the sake of the ginger Dolly and Khali the great are at loggerheads. The banter was quite evident on Monday night’s episode as Dolly kept on pestering Khali with something or the other. She even asked why he had placed a wet towel on her clothes and taunted that Khali never worked and always wanted something or the other to eat the whole day, particularly chicken!

Well with just a couple of days on hand this show is definitely getting very interesting.

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