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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding bells for Lisa Ray soon?

Lisa Ray has apparently made up her mind to get wedded to her boyfriend -W Brett Wilson, 53. Surprisingly, Brett is also a cancer survivor, having successfully battled an advanced stage of prostrate cancer.“They program to mention their wedding soon. Lisa has told us to put all her professional assignments on hold till she fixes up a wedding date,” says a source close to the actress.Brett was seen accompanying Lisa on her current visit to Mumbai.

There’s a 19-year age difference between the two.“Lisa is least concerned about the age difference between them. They make a lovely pair. Besides, Brett, who’s a Canadian, does not look his age. Brett has been working with various support groups in Canada to help cancer patients over the past 10 years. They met atone of the events in Calgary (Canada) a couple of years ago,” discloses the friend.Lisa had before said that cancer changed her outlook on life forever.

“Everything has changed post cancer. I simply cannot go back to living as I was before. I’ve experienced a lot of growth through pain. My priority is to find the right life partner and have a family,” she said.

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