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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Angry Kangana Locks Herself In Vanity Van

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut throws outbursts on her upcoming film set and walked out turning down to shoot. Her actions postponed recording for 2 hrs. Actress locked herself in a vanity van.Kangana was upset with the gossip that is doing the rounds that she’s attempting to get back into Sanju Baba’s group. Actress accuses the staff folks for spearing some bogus rumor. A source says, “Kangna was in a extremely negative state of mind. She moved in on the sets and went directly to her vanity van. Everybody decided she was angry, but they did not believe that she’d really endure the shoot for the day.
When an asst movie director went to contact her, she screamed at him and told him to tell the crew she does not plan to shoot.” It took over 2 hrs to appease Kanagna. “She believes somebody from the staff was discussing ill of her. She is sustaining space from Sanjay Dutt and attempting not to amuse any freely speak.She’s upset that in spite of that, folks from the set were growing news about her. So actress locked herself in the van and rejected to appear till an  excuse  was issued.”

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