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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ekta endorses Ragini MMS the Aamir Khan way

Ekta Kapoor has normally imagined Aamir Khan to be her icon. So, when her mobile phone rang flashing his name she was very stunned. Aamir Khan launched a courtesy phone to Ekta asking for her to connect the first theatrical of his production Delhi Belly along with Ragini MMS that launches in few days. The generally reticent actor took out time to call the Balaji boss honcho and put in a word for his movie.This must be very an honour for Ekta Kapoor, thinking of that Aamir is very picky about the promoting strategies utilized for his movies.
A source exposed, “Ekta was impressed when she got Aamir’s phone. She is a big supporter of his work and has generally analyzed to him. When approached Ekta to verified, “Aamir Khan is my idol . Yes, I’ve decided to add the Delhi Belly promo along with Ragini MMS.”

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